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In a volatile society pushed to its limits, Abe's latest endeavor is a massive visual leap that aims to break new ground in the Oddworld saga. We're proud to have contributed to game's gorgeous visuals and diabolical puzzles.

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Spelldrifter is a tactical role playing and deck building game. Select your party of heroes, build your decks, and embark on an adventure deep into Starfall as you search for the entrance to the mysterious Labyrinth!

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​Play as superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and feel like a true MVP, as you play high school, college and pro football games. Call the plays, throw super charged passes, and stiff arm oncoming defenders in slow motion in this high adrenaline VR football game.​

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In 2017 we worked with Vive Studios for Virtual Sports. Play ping pong or tennis in this pulse racing virtual reality game. Play against friends online, tackle career mode, learn how to play in FUN mode, and visit a range of locales.

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During 2019 and 2020, we worked on Twitch® Sings. Twitch Sings was a live karaoke game allowing the user to sing duets, create solo performances and many more.



Create a Jenga® Tower anywhere with the magic of Augmented Reality!
Choose between small blocks on your table or big blocks on the floor.

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We are working with Free Range Games on their FREXR product line to deliver multitude of Viirtual Reality employee trainings. The portfolio includes: AED education, CPR education, Confined spaces, Fall protection, Fire suppression, Virus vision, Lock out tag out.

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Protopixel is a game development studio founded in 2013 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. We've been working on creating games with Free Range Games ever since. We love making games and exploring new technologies, getting paid for that came on its own. We are also flat in structure and think of ourselves as a relaxed and chill group of professionals where the best work is done by an individual or self-organizing team without the need for constant oversight. 


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Technical Artist (Unreal Engine)
Senior Unreal Engine Programmer
Character Artist
Senior Unity Programmer
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